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Edible cookie party favors with a personalized photo or logo on picture cookies for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, reunion, party, etc.


The Perfect Business for MOMPRENEURS !!!

PHOTO BAKE SHOP® Business Opportunity is Outstanding!

* Love to work from Home? 
* Enjoy being Creative?
* Need to have a Flexible Schedule?

Learn how our truly amazing business success stories can benefit you – even if you have never been in business before!


Kelly Fusaro

Kelli Fusaro - Owner

Welcome! I began an edible printing business in 2005 known as Until that time, I was an educator and stay-at-home mom trying to find the right balance in my life.

I was looking to “find a job” when I was going through my divorce in 2005. My children were living with me during the week, so I wanted a job where I could be there when they came home from school and have a steady income with flexible hours.

I was at a loss finding a job that matched this description until I received a phone call from a retiring friend who suggested I purchase her cookie printing business, At the time, my confidence was so low that I declined. How would I be able to manage a business, learn how to print on food without previous knowledge or printing experience? Besides, my degree was in music education. My mother encouraged me and I reluctantly accepted the offer 2 days later. I learned the business within a few days and had everything set up and running in no time. It was the best decision I could have made for myself, my children and my ability to believe in myself again.

Edible printing has proven to be very successful for us since 2005 and a real blessing in my life. I have learned all the tips and tricks along the way from food printing ideas to production and packaging. In addition, I have taken classes on personal training and development for since 2000 to empower women to believe “anything” is possible.

I’m offering this concept to mompreneurs because I know there are many of you dealing with the same issues while I’ve had the luxury to work from home throughout my children’s school years. I’ve found edible printing to be a fun, flexible and creative way to be generously self-supported during the most meaningful years of my life.

Our expert team will share the “tools for success” because we already have the skills, knowledge and most important – experience!

I highly recommend all 4 sessions in our 2 day training program so that you have all the preparation necessary to start your own edible printing business right away. If time or funds are limited for you right now, you may pick and choose the sessions that work best.

How Can I License This Business?

Regardless of your business experience, you can see if you qualify for our full training system including everything you need to operate your business and start receiving orders within 30 days!

We offer complete training and comprehensive support in all areas of starting a business.  Photo Bake Shop is a proven business system, and our business success speaks for itself. 

If you have a desire to learn, we have the system for you!

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